I work as a soft domme and if you want to book a session send me an email. I can offer various types of play based on the preferred scenarios.
I offer online sessions too.

I offer the following practices:

  • Obedience training – I simply teach you how to obey me, do certain poses to be punished or how to beg etc.
  • Water sports – that is pissing all over you and your face. I love if you swallow too.
  • Pegging – you just need to open wide your as* and let me penetrate you.
  • Spanking, whipping, slapping – I use my hands or objects like: leather crop, whip, bamboo sticks, wooden brushes / paddle
  • Wax play – pouring hot wax on your body
  • Orgasm control and denial – forced mastrubation, masturbation on my commands.
  • Forced fem scenarios – will make you my sl*t.
  • Degradation and humiliation – it can be verbal or / and by the given tasks.
  • Pet play – you can be my dog, cat, pig or any other animal.
  • Restraints – I don’t do mummification and shibari.
  • Age play – ABDL, mommy play.
  • Nipple play – scratching, squeezing, twisting, playing with the clamps.

I do not offer the following:

  • Medical play
  • Shibari
  • Scat play
  • Public play
  • There is no form of any se*ual intercourse with me.